Similarities Between Julius Caesar And Brutus

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William Shakespeare was a poet/playwright that was born on April 23, 1564, and died on April 23, 1616 ( Editors3). Over his 52 years of life he wrote numerous plays and poems. One of his most famous plays is called Julius Caesar. In this play, Shakespeare introduces a wide variety of characters with diverse thoughts, feelings, and relationships. Many of William Shakespeare’s characters can be closely compared to real people. Shakespeare’s characters Julius Caesar and Brutus can be compared Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot.
One of the main characters in William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar is Julius Caesar. Historians believe that Caesar was born on July 12th or 13th 100 B.C. He was a war general and eventually became dictator
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As a result of his careful character design, similarities between the characters and real people can be found. Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ were alike in many ways. One of which is that they both led people. Julius Caesar led the Roman people by acting as their dictator. Jesus Christ led his apostles and the rest of his followers by acting as their teacher and master. Another similarity between these two is that they both felt compassion for the poor. Both Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ were men in power who went out of their way to help those that were less fortunate than themselves. They both also knew about their deaths before they were murdered. Jesus Christ predicted that Judas would betray him, and Caesar was warned by a soothsayer, as well as other ways. As well as both knowing about their deaths, they also both decided to ignore or accept the warning. Neither of them acted against the plot even though they had an idea about what was going on. Both leaders also had their friends conspire against them, and eventually murder them. Again, Shakespeare’s character, Brutus, was created to be realistic and believable. As a result of this, he can be compared to the apostle, Judas, who handed Jesus over to the chief priests. Both Judas and Brutus were friends with the people that they ended up helping to kill. They both were very influential with their leaders, and started out with a bond of trust. As Caesar …show more content…
One difference between Jesus and Caesar is that Caesar used military strength to gain his power. After defeating Pompey in 48 B.C., Caesar used his army to gain control of Rome (Applebee, Arthur N.). On the other hand, Jesus was never in control of great military strength. His followers were drawn to him through his biblical teachings and the miracles that he performed. Another difference between these two great leaders is that Jesus predicted his death, while Caesar was told about it by other people. Sure, they both knew about their deaths, but Caesar ignored it while Jesus chose to accept it. Brutus and Judas Iscariot also have differences between them. For example, Judas stole from his group’s treasury, while Brutus didn’t steal or do anything illegal or immoral. Judas’ motive for killing Jesus was a mixture between his temptation from the Devil and his greed. With the Devil’s persuasion, and the temptation of the 30 pieces of silver, Judas was driven to hand over his master and friend. On the other hand, Brutus was driven by the want to do what is best for Rome. Brutus was afraid of Caesar gaining too much power and compromising the Roman system of government. Because of this fear, he decided that the best solution was to help Rome by assassinating his friend Julius Caesar. Another difference between Judas and Brutus is