Similarities Between Makah And The Umatilla

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The Makah tribe of the coastal and the Umatilla of the plateau interacted with their environment similarly and differently. Of food, shelter, and clothing for their people. Based on their two different locations do you think the Makah and the Umatilla have similar or different interactions are different or similar?. For example, on page “1200” in the Encyclopedia of Native Americans it states, “Men fished for salmon, halibut, various fish, shrimp, small octopus, etc. On the other hand, on page “ 966” in the Encyclopedia of Native Americans for the Umatilla that “ The Umatilla ate fish as their main food source, Mainly slalom, steelhead, trout, and sturgeon.” The tribes have a pretty simalir environment because the Umatilla lives by the Colombia river which connects to the Pacific Ocean. This means even though they live on totally different environments they have the same type of food source. …show more content…
First off the Makah have houses called “Long houses”. In the Encyclopedia Native American tribes page 1208 its sates for the Makah houses that,” The longhouses was about 50-150 Feet long and 20-60 feet wide. The buildings also had dirt floors and frames made of planks held in place by pegs. Roofs were constructed with flat wooden planks that could be shifted to let in air.” For the Umatilla there houses were called, “Pit houses.” The houses were built partially above ground. The walls were made of tall poles or, in other places or later years, with woven grass mats. The builders placed a large notched log down through a hole in the top to use as a