Similarities Between Nazi Germany And Maycomb

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Nazi Germany is incredibly similar to Maycomb, AL, United States because there is racist treatment to a certain group of people (1), they both brainwash people into believing a certain thing (2) and the way that Hitler took over the entire nation is similar to how the white folks at Maycomb have taken over its judicial system (3). Firstly, Cecil Jacobs said Nazi Germany had prejudice against the Jews by “puttin’ em’ in prison and taking away all their property (Lee 269). In Maycomb the white community did not treat the black community as equals with rights as Nazi Germany treated the Jews inhumanely as well. Secondly, there is a brainwashing that occurs in both countries as Cecil Jacobs stated again, “Hitler … washin’ all the feeble minded” (Lee 269). Both Maycomb and Nazi Germany brainwashed their people to believe that a certain group of people were bad and sub par to them. …show more content…
Finally, Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule took full control of the judicial system and allowed prejudice against the Jews as Hitler was considered to be the government. (Lee 270). The Maycomb community is similar as the jury that was responsible for the verdict of Tom Robinson were all racist and prejudice people. This allowed for the absolute control of the white folks over the black folks in the town. To conclude, although there were some differences in the Maycomb, AL, United States and Nazi Germany there are also many similarities like the ones listed above. Racism and genocide were a major problem in both of these countries that would leave an impact on both of the country’s