Similarities Between Pretty Women And Million Dollar Baby

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Zelina Aziz
Pretty Women and Million Dollar Baby The movie Pretty Women is about a women named Vivian Ward who is a prostitute, and a business man named Edward who hires her for a week. Throughout the week Edward buys her clothes and takes her out to fancy dinners and events, things that she is not used to at all. The two end up falling in love with each other in this short period of time and Vivian even kisses Edward on the mouth, something she swore she did not do at the beginning of the movie. By the end of the movie Vivian goes from a self conscious prostitute to a confident women with a lot of potential and Edward goes from a cold man who only cared about work to Vivian's prince charming. While the movie Million Dollar Baby is about a women named Maggie Fitzgerald who seeks out coach, Frankie Dunn, to take her on and coach her. At first Frankie refuses to teach Maggie because she is a girl, but she proves to be very persistent and determined and also full of potential, which gets him to change his mind. Maggie trains and begins fighting, winning almost all of her matches in the first round. Unfortunately Maggie's career is cut short because of an injury that occurs before the world title championship and she ends up passing away. These two movies are very different, but something that they have in common is that they both have leading female characters. These characters do share some similarities, despite their different storylines, settings, and problems. Vivian from Pretty Women and Maggie from Million Dollar Baby have somewhat similar self images, relationships with men, and goals. These two women both have self-images of themselves which are somewhat similar. Vivian who is strong, is also slightly self-conscious and lacks in self worth. She didn't finish