Similarities Between The Indus Valley And Mesopotamian Civilizations

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There are lots of similarities between the indus valley and mesopotamian civilizations some similarities are,the were both at place in the bronze age. they also are close to afghanistan and pakistan and iran. both one of three of the early civilizations of the old world and of the three the most widespread, covering an area of 1.25 million km2.they were close to the indus valley river ghaggar hakra river.this isn't a similarity but just a fun fact that the indus valley had a population of over five million people in it. in both civilizations the houses were made of sun dried bricks.

both the civilizations grew barley,wheat,dates,figs,peas. also the economy depended on agriculture and trade.they traded with each other and had boats.because they had a civilization close to the river they may have conflicts with other settlers who may have wanted that specific spot close to that river.they had a lot of resources being close to the river for instance they would never run out of water and it would be easy to water their crops.

both of the civilization had religious hymns for ceremonies prayer, pottery, and rituals were common in both. irrigation system writing system and wheeled vehicles were also used by both both civilizations arrow was used and tools were commonly made of bronze. mesopotamia was known as ‘the land between the rivers’ was named for the triangular area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. this area has been extended and now covers