Similarities Between Victor And Frankenstein

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Why is it that two can resemble one another so well, but strongly despise the other? In Mary Shelley’s work, Frankenstein, the protagonist, Victor Frankenstein, and his creation, the Creature, have many similarities but differ in more ways than one. Little did Victor know that discovering the secret to creating life would lead to a ripple of controversy and murders caused by his own creation. Throughout the novel, the audience begins to recognize the parallelism between the two and the unique relationship that develops between them. Despite their varying appearances, both the Creature and Frankenstein have many of the same desires. A prominent theme in the novel is loneliness and the want to have a family or mate. While Victor does have a family of his own, he loses his mother, brother, dearest friend, and wife to illness or murder; instead of trying to find and meet new people, he devotes his spare time to his scientific work. In a similar manner, the Creature has no one as well but to a much greater extent. Victor abandoned him and society has shunned him due to his hideous appearance; people are too afraid to approach him, run and scream when they see him and therefore, do …show more content…
Much debate occurs on whether Victor and the Creature are entirely similar, practically the same, or if Victor has absolutely no influence on the monster at all. The novel itself provides key details that can persuade the reader either way, it is just a matter of interpretation. Mainly, Victor and the Creature are trying to outdo each other, whether they are aware of their intentions or not. This then raises the question of why the protagonist and the antagonist have similar character traits including their desires, intentions, and interactions with self and others. Despite their differences, their similarities come to show the power of scientific experiments and the effect one can have on