Similarities Between Walt Whitman And Langston Hughes

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Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes perspectives of America are different in their poems, "I Hear America Singing" and "I,Too,Sing America".Whitman thinks a America is joyful while Hughes thinks america is oppressive.One piece of evidence from "I Hear America Singing" is in line ten, "singing with open mouths their melodious songs".He saying that all the different songs he hears are beautiful.Another example is in line one, "I hear america singing,the varied carols I hear".He hears many songs throughout america, and since the poem is in a lively tone you can imply the songs are joyful.But in Hughes poem"I,Too,Sing America" he feels that america is oppressive.The first example is in line one, "I, too, sing america". He's feeling left out of society