Similarity between “The Chrysanthemums” and “Death of a Salesman” Essay example

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Similarity between “The Chrysanthemums” and “Death of a Salesman”

In these two stories I have found there is not much similarity, but the theme is very alike in many ways. The theme from my perspective is individual worth. As defined, Individual worth is to appreciate yourself and to be nobody but yourself. It comes from having a secure relationship with oneself. Individual worth cannot be taken away from you as it is intrinsic, internal, and eternal. The sad part in these two stories is that individual worth is lacked quite a bit. In Steinbeck’s “The chrysanthemums” Elisa is looked down upon very often because she is a female, feeling as if because she is a female there are many things she cannot do. That is surely not the case. In my opinion she is the smartest character in the story but never gets recognition. Even though she has worked on her farm for many years she is not able to handle
Hunter 2 the ranchers business, only to stand along and watch. Causing her to have very low self-esteem. Then as the tinker makes his appearance in the book she knows she can do a better job them him but he is the one exploring and making trips for himself. Henry and Tinker try to comfort her but do not really acknowledge what is truly going on with her. Not being able to do the things you good at can definitely make you not see your worth. In Arthur Millers “Death of a Salesman” many of the characters have a hard time with their individual worth. The overwhelming tension in his family is caused by the failure for Willy to