Similarity in the Culture of Korea and the U.S. Essay

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In 2014, I was in Denver, and saw that it was raining next to me, at that moment, I figured out something was quite different from Korea. The rain didn't fall the place where I stood. It was impossible to be happened in Korea, therefore, I realized that U.S. was the third largest country in the world. Also, people in here always smiled and answered my questions kindly. Although, they didn't know who I was, if I asked any questions, they not only answered my questions, but also gave some tips that related to the questions. I was surprised, because no one refused or ignored my request.

There are also many similar cultures between Korea and the U.S. For example, paying rent on time and pedestrian culture are quite same. Also, people who will have an interview be on time and wear appropriate clothes. On the other head, different from the U.S., in the funeral in Korea, people gave money to them, while American people sent flowers or plants.

The culture that I want to change is arguing with a police. There must be people who don't, however, in the public demonstration, citizens used to go against to the police and fight. I hope this culture change like America's.

The most difficult culture to understand is that young people can express their mind to parents freely. In Korea, parents used not to allow children say their thought, because, they think that is impolite. However, children in the U.S. convey their think certainly. I was shocked that parents sometimes even…