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Students earning degrees through the College of Business Administration are required to complete: 60 credit hours of non-business coursework 30 hours of core business coursework 18 hours of Business Electives at the Junior/Senior Level 12 hours of business or non-business approved electives credit hours
120 credits
I. Required Non-Business Coursework includes the campus general education requirements. Students must complete a 42-hour block of courses from an approved list of general education courses. These courses are from six areas:

Skill Goals: 1) Communicating Skills - (English 1100 plus one 3 hr. course) 2) Managing Information Skills (BA 1800 or another approved course) 3) Valuing Skills (Econ 1001)
Knowledge Goals: 4) Social and Behavioral Sciences Knowledge Goal (Econ 1001, Econ 1002 plus one 3 hr. course) 5) Humanities and Fine Arts Knowledge Goal (three 3 hour classes) 6) Mathematics and Life/Natural Sciences (minimum twelve hours to include Math 1030, Math 1100, Math 1105 and a natural or physical science course).
Additional requirements of the College of Business include: ▪ One cultural diversity studies course. ▪ Two upper-level courses in Global Awareness (business or non-business – see approved list) ▪ One course to meet the State Requirement ▪ English 3120 - Business Writing ▪ One additional 3 hour Social Science Course

II. REQUIRED BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CORE COURSES: 30 Hours ACCTG 2400 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3 ACCTNG 2410 Managerial Accounting 3 INFSY 2800 Information Systems Concepts & Applications* 3 BUS AD 2900 Legal Environment of Business 3 A minimum grade of a C- is LOG OM 3300 Business Statistics 3 required for all core courses LOG OM 3320 Introduction to Operations Management 3 except BA 4219. FINANCE 3500 Financial Management 3 MGMT 3600 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 MKTG 3700 Basic Marketing 3 MGMT 4219 Strategic Management (capstone course, taken during the last semester)** 3 MGMT 4220 Business Assessment Test 0

*The prerequisite, BA 1800, can be waived by exam. See Website:
**Special Consent form needed for BA 4219: Strategic Management.

III. BUSINESS APPROVED ELECTIVES REQUIREMENT: Students are required to take 18 hours of Junior/Senior level Business electives. Students may choose to complete an emphasis area in Finance, International Business, Logistics and Operations Management, Management and Organizational Behavior, or Marketing, Students are not required to complete an emphasis area, and can choose the 18 hours of business electives from a variety of areas if they want a General Business Degree.

IV. For information on additional degree requirements or on the Business field see: • The College of Business Administration Academic Advising website: • The University of Missouri-St. Louis Bulletin on-line at

A STUDENT SEEKING TWO DEGREES SHOULD SPEAK WITH A BUSINESS ADVISOR. This does NOT pertain to completing more than one emphasis area. All emphasis areas are awarded as part of the BSBA degree, and are posted on the transcript, not the diploma.


SAMPLE PROGRAM Students must have 42 hours of General Education courses. Course in bold print count toward the 42 hours. See the list of