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Simon Estes was raised in a small town in Centerville, Iowa, grandson of a slave, who struggled for his family. His father was a coal miner that made little money to hardly support his family with food and did not have any heat, running water, and indoor plumbing in the house. His mother taught him love of Jesus and the churches were important elements in one’s life. Never to hate people who have mistreated you, but feel sorry for the people that discriminate against you because they are weaker. Simon had three daughters from his first marriage and later divorced and remarried to another woman that had three daughters with and is still married to now. His daughters were taught the importance of spirituality, values, principles, morality, and honesty. His education graduated from high school went to Indian Hills one year then went to University of Iowa to study several degrees then went to music then switched to the Julliard School of music to have more training in music. Then Professor Charles Kellis showed Simon what Operatic recordings and what opera is all about and Simon loved what was played. Simon made a break through when he won at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Competition, in which is how Simon went to the White House to perform for President Lyndon Johnson. Then Simon performed for several composers in Germany and in the United States and was the first African male that had a leading role at Bayreuth. Have many foundations to support seniors all over the world to go to college and for many health diseases and support against HIV/AIDS.

Simon Estes: Achievements in Life Rising from humble beginning in the small town Centerville, Iowa, Simon Estes, grandson of a slave, son of father who struggled for his family, is an amazing African-American success. Had many family values made of faith, sound morals, honesty, courage, and stamina, in which parents support of love would of not be accomplished to become a professional singer (Estes & Swanson, 1999, p.13). His singing work has established fight against many diseases and all over the world, started several musical scholarships for students that are poor to start a profession, and establish a foundation to save children lives in other countries. One of just a few African-American male singers had a top ranked international operatic career as a bass-baritone singer. Simon Estes grew up in Iowa in a house without heat or indoor plumbing. He sang in a church as a youth, but when he enrolled at the University of Iowa he had never heard an opera and no idea he wanted to become a professional singer.
How far has he came, a son of a coal miner and a grandson of a slave? Simon was born at home on March 2, 1938 in a small Missouri town (Simon & Swanson, 1999, p. 29). After Charlie Brummitt became a doctor in Missouri. The family moved to Centerville, Iowa to become a family doctor in which maintained Este’s family health as well. Estes moved to Centerville to a house was so small that had a living room, one bedroom, kitchen, and an all purpose room(Simon & Swanson, 1999, p. 30). That did not have any heat, running water, and indoor plumbing until Simon was 14 (Simon & Swanson, 1999, p. 16). A few years went by and his parents bought a bigger house that had six bedrooms in the house that seemed to Simon to be a palace. He was raised there and attended school in Centerville with his for siblings. At an early age his mother taught him love of Jesus and the church were important elements in one’s life. “She taught him to never to hate people who have mistreated you, but feel sorry for the people who are prejudiced and who practice discrimination because they are weaker” (Simon & Swanson, 1999, p. 22). Simon married and had three daughters that were born who are the most important people in his life. In the later years his first wife insisted on a divorce and Simon agreed. Then few years went by, so Simon remarried to his wife now that has three daughters…