Simplistic Presentation Of Science Essay

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The simplistic presentation of science in the media devalues science and creates a cynical perspective. Science is particular ways of knowing about the world answering the desire of people’s needs Geneticists trying to understand how certain conditions are passed from generation to generation and biologists tracing the pathway by which diseases are transmitted and clearly seeking information that may better the live of very ordinary people. Earth scientists on the other hand Developing a better models for the prediction of earthquake, Landslides or volcanic eruptions likewise seeking knowledge that can help and avoid the Hardship that have plagued humanity for centuries. Unfortunately the media seem to have quite a large impact on the gullible public that watch/listen to them each day. The media will insist that they are reporting the truth to the public, when they are more likely stating their own opinions to the public. The Issue of “the simplistic presentation of science in the Media devalues science and creates a cynical perspective has been widely debated in our Community recently it is an important issue because it devaluing the value of science and its Bearings out the worst of human nature. A variety of argument has been forwards about this Issue. Such as Scientists are enigmatic group of people trailblazers, innovators and inventors whose job is quite literally, to expand the world’s technology through knowledge. Quick to see the merit in new methods like fluorescent proteins and hit the ground running with them. Yet when it comes to social adaptation and technology, they are more behind the curve. “Although 72% of internet-using Americans are on Face book, less than 2/3 of college faculty are. Similarly, in one survey more than half of lab managers said they have never used Face book” (Wilcox, 2011)Even though Media offer entertainment, culture, news, sports and education which is an important part of our lives and have too much to teach and help the society by introducing this scientific information in easy and simply ways

First when we talk about science we have to understand there are certain individuals who can manipulate science and be able to give their hard work for the rest of the world. Many Of us are just simply the user of this grateful gift but this day’s media devalues science and The scientist hard work and dignity, the social media like Facebook are seen as little more than ways to tell everyone how good the omelette you just made was or convince yourself that your ex’s new girlfriend isn’t prettier than you. But social media platforms aren’t just digital water coolers. They are the way the world is networking and communicating. They are how and where we share information – with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and any and everyone else. Scientific and historical documentaries keeping and transferring historical knowledge to the next generations.There are plenty of stories in the media that will change the public’s perception of science or even make them see a new Perception. Sometimes these stories are just written to scare the public into believing a certain thing just so they can sell their stories. “A Twitter account asking for re-tweets in Order to collect donations for victims of the Boston Marathon explosions has been suspended after reports that the account was fake.” Many individuals crated their own Social media network for communication in addition to spread their unreliable histories just Too attracted readers attention or to get million likes! No one really wants to know how Relabel the information is or the person behind the history this is what happed on the Boston explosions “A photo going around on social media sites claims the young runner died In the Boston bombing attack.” (Deneen,S 2013 )But that child was a boy and was later identified as martin Richard. The image of the girl was shared more than 11,000 times on Facebook so even Though