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Simply Different

When I was a junior in high school I took a class called entrepreneur tactics, the goal of this class was to create a business with a group of 6 students and present to a panel of investors at the end of the semester, to try to get them to buy are business. What we had to create was a business plan and a power point to present to the panel. Day to day task included discussing with the group to create a business plan then typing up bits and pieces every day. My teacher selected a CEO for each group I was chosen as one of them, which did not sit to well with my group because they were all seniors except for me. Coming to agreement on stuff was difficult and my group was getting little done. Even though I was the CEO a few others in the group believed that since I was younger that my opinion did not matter even though technically I was in charge. Since some group members would be condescending to me and laugh at some of my ideas I would become defensive. And are business plan was going no were. So as time progressed me and another group member who happened to be on the wrestling team with me shared similar opinions compared to other group mates, so are group slowly drifted farther and farther away from the group as are idea and the rest of the groups ideas were completely different. It got to the point where are teacher split are group into two so it was just me and my teammate from the wrestling team. With three weeks remaining till we presented me and me and my partner had to start from scratch, most people said we would not finish in time but since me and him saw eye to eye on everything we finished everything with a week to spear because we put a lot of effort into the project. As are formal group still struggled to finish. In the end my group was voted number one by the panel while my formal group took second to last of 12 groups.…