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Task 1 (P1)
Tesco’s range of business activities include direct selling of goods. Tesco’s aims and objectives are to expand their business; to provide better customer support; make information more easily available to customers; to cut costs; to have the ability to shop 24 hours (without delivery) and having physical presence in any location. The business sector it operates in the public sector which means its’ aims and objectives is to help aid the public by saving them the travel and they are able to have a quick easy shopping experience to buy what they want. Customers would be able to compare prices of different products for cost-effectiveness. The advantages for a business like Tesco to go online is that it lowers costs for overheads (e.g. cost of electricity etc), insurance and staff pay. The disadvantages of business going online is being unreliable in the sense that the website is not being updated daily so offers and prices might not be the same. Brochure ware is the most basic way to be online and provides only information such as prices, hours of opening, customer reviews and contact details. Tesco is not brochure ware as they do not only provide information but a service as well. You can order your items online and they would be delivered to your door. Tesco complements offline activities through tracking deliveries and you can see how long your delivery will take. In Tesco you can buy your shopping online through a credit/debit card but customers have to register in order to buy their goods. Tesco’s provide additional and up to date information because they wouldn’t want their customers to think that they are an unreliable website and so the latest news would be seen on the website including new products and offers. iTunes iTunes works in the private sector and its aims and objectives is to sell as many products as they can to maximise profits. Its range of business activities include direct selling of service as users can purchase (download) music from their website and listen to them free afterwards. iTunes is not brochure ware as it you can not only purchase music from there but you can go onto the Apple website to see more information such as opening hours. iTunes offers additional services to customers through giving media information (iTunes festival) and you need an Apple user ID to access the information. iTunes only receives payment through online transactions as you can download an entire album or just one track or give a song, movie, or gift certificate as a present in order to do this you must have an Apple ID. iTunes provides additional and up-to-date information regarding new music and up-to-date music charts to keep their users interested and make them a reliable site.
Cancer Research
The aims and objectives of the business are to make their cause successful and spread awareness as their business works in the voluntary/not-for-profit sector. It does use brochure ware as it only provides information but it also doesn’t use brochure ware because you can donate money to Cancer Research online. You can do this through an online transaction which requires you to fill out a form which is quick and easy to write. They require the amount you would like to donate whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly and ask for the reason you choose to donate. You can donate by debit or credit card and they give you an option for donating in your will. The website provides information about cancer and they have a forum where users can talk to others affected by cancer. Cancer Research provides additional and up to date information by informing their users about the latest fund-raising activities available.

Task 2 (P2)
Dear Editor,
Tesco’s online presence complements its high street presence by advertising online with cheap products so users can know what they have available which can encourage the user to go into the store to shop. They provide comparisons online to see which brand is