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Since I was a child I found numbers fascinating. I was the student to put my hand up in Maths lessons and answer the questions. Unlike other students I enjoyed doing Maths homework and did it for fun. As I grew older I was trying to figure out what career might be best for me and I thought Accounting was a great choice. As I stepped onto the Accounting path and learned what it is about, I am eager to deepen my knowledge and apply the theory with the reality.
As I have been attending my business course I have learnt crucial information about every aspect of the business. The most important unit was planning to start my own business. I have come up with a professional business proposal in which I have carried out a skills analysis, took into consideration legal and ethical issues as well as identified my target market. The most exciting part was predicting the financial consideration and estimating the revenue. Also an important part of the proposal was planning the expansion of the business over time in detail. Not only I have learnt the content of the units but also additional skills including meeting deadlines, working under pressure and working in teams. As I was working in teams I developed presentation skills and most important of all increased my confidence. On top of studying my business course I have completed a bookkeeping and accounts course. This has taught me the basic understanding of accounting. Both of the courses have put me at an advantage because I now know how the business and accounting industry works.
By studying the accounting and finance degree I want to increase the knowledge I already have as well as learn new skills and get ready for a professional career. I also want to have an unforgettable university experience and make lifelong friends. When I finish my degree I am hoping to begin my accounting career.
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