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Sinead Gray
Life is Beautiful Response Paper

The movie that I chose to watch and write about is entitled, “Life is Beautiful.” The movie was filmed in 1997 in Italy. In this movie, they chose to focus on a Jewish-Italian family that resided in Italy. It starts out as a love story between a man and woman who inevitably end up falling in love, then have a child, and ultimately World War 2 begins. The primary language that the characters spoke was Italian because Italy is where the setting took place. The movie also focused on Germans later into the movie when the Jewish were taken away to concentration camps. German was the only other language primarily heard in the movie as well, except for the small scene at the end of the movie where it showed American troops coming in and saving the day, as well as speaking English. I would say this is not propaganda. Propaganda is used to promote an object or event by misleading their audience. The movie, “Life is Beautiful” portrays a realistic take on what actually happened during the Holocaust in World War 2. The Jewish went through traumatic and torturous times as these internment camps and this movie represents the horrors they faced. Not only did it depict the physical labor they had to do, or the injuries they dealt with, but it showed the hardship they encountered when their family was torn apart and how their only option was to do the best to survive. The historical limitations of this film is primarily the fact that they focused on the life within internment camps whereas there were many other events and actions occurring across Europe during World War 2. Also because the movie was generally happy and problem free at

the first half, when the war was actually taking place, the movie was being filmed within the concentration camp so it did not really depict events from the home front/ war front; however, it showed the many Nazi officials within the camp acting in a very malicious, violent way and directing/controlling the Jewish within the camp. One who watches the movie will witness the officials sending the Jewish to the gas chambers or, for example, killing a civilian by shooting them to death. Yes, I do believe that the movie, “Life is Beautiful” is an accurate representation