Singapore Enviornment Essay

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Candice Flament-Clifford
Assignment 5: Singapore’s Enviornment

Singapore is a very environment conscious country. Singapore has a uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall on account of geographical location and maritime exposure, and experiences monsoon almost all year round. It is a highly urbanized, however the conservation of natural resources and bio-diversity of its regions has been well maintained. The Singapore Environment Council is an active organization which effectively tries to guide Singaporeans about the importance of the environment, its conservation, aquatic conservation waste management, community development etc. It initiates specific programs for specific target groups. This helps them to spread messages of ecological balance, environmental awareness and the importance of its preservation and its protection in an effective manner.

Some of the groups which have been demanding are the school and other educational institutions, green groups, community centers, media and the private sector organizations along with the youth and the women folk of the Singaporean Society. The youth and the women folk can be the best people to spread the message of social responsibility, risk of pollution, excessive consumerism accompanied by the importance of recycling of valuable natural resources in our daily lives. Keeping in mind the small size of the country and the lack of fresh water supply other than rainwater it becomes essential for Singapore to build reservoirs and catchment areas for maximum accumulation of rainwater.

Till today Singapore has to depend water imports from other countries for its water. To spread the message of recycling the first ever Recycling Day was held on November 21, 2004. On this day residents were invited to bring their recyclables, including paper, plastic, glass and cans in exchange for tokens and a chance to win supermarket vouchers. Road