Singh-Mclean Observation

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I found Singh-Corcoran's observations about the standard goals of a well-crafted FYC, and the larger application of its teachings well beyond the scope of academics most reassuring. I have taken First Year Composition classes before, and while I knew that they were preparing me for a college career of writing, I never understood the how and the why behind its intentions. I knew we were learning how to write, but I never knew we were also learning how to learn to write. I never processed how I could take those critical writing tools I was learning and apply them to any genre I was asked to write. In the section, “Does Knowledge Transfer”, Singh-Corcoran clarified that the goal of FYC is to teach students how to learn new discourse, organize …show more content…
While I do have experience with receiving feedback from my instructors, and had success applying it throughout several drafts of the writing process, I am a bit concerned about how I’ll receive feedback from my peers. Given the online nature of the course, will we be assigned partners to trade our assignments with, or will people volunteer feedback through our forums?

Everyday I try to write down either a to-do list during my morning routine, or a reflection of my day as well as the key highs and low-lights during my nightly routine. The purpose of these is to plan my day and make sure I am being productive and achieving my goals. It also functions as a way to serve as a memory-keeper, so that I can look back on what I was doing and feeling throughout my days. The audience for this is simply myself, and in composing it, I simply focus on what works to get my thoughts and ideas across.
As a Starbucks barista, I also have to write down drink IDs and customizations whenever I am stationed on the register. The audience for this text are my coworkers who are crafting the beverages, and as such it is important to make sure I am writing clearly and correctly. This creates a smooth transition for everyone involved, and ensures that customers walk away with the drink they wanted and that they paid