Singing and Preacher Essay

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Art Vysotsky
Behind the One-Way Mirror
The comforting, welcoming aroma of the church atmosphere makes it just feel like home. Every individual with a smile on there faces. Everyone greeting you with a handshake or a simple hello, unless you come in late, then you wake in with flagrant eyes giving you the stare. Now my definition of Modern Era was the constant use of technology and with the world changing so is the atmosphere of a church. No longer are there bible’s but instead there are Ipads. No more song books, but instead songs are shown via projector. So how do people act in Church in this ever changing Modern Era.
Remember those rooms where a suspect is being interrogated by a CIA agent and there’s a small dark One way window where there’s other agents spying in the conversation . That’s what my church, right in the front, behind the pulpit has. The advantages of Being able to stare into peoples faces without them realizing. They look in the windows, thinking they only see there reflection not noticing your staring right back at them. So what do people do when they loose interest, or try to hide when they think no one is watching. All was observed on Sunday Morning.
As I sit behind the dark glass, a preacher goes up to the pulpit, and everyone goes silent. As he walks up, carrying not a Bible, but an electronic tablet. After some realize/see who is preaching there attention goes avert yet some heads turns toward the preacher eager to hear what he has to say. Adults sit upright watching there children foremost to make sure there on there best behavior. As the preacher begins to speak some faces in the crowd, teenagers, turn down to face the floor. About 5 minutes go by and all the teenagers pull out the phones discretely, thinking no one can see. Only a few or so teenagers remain paying attention. Children, around 2-6, start squirming around trying to find something fun to do. Some parents give their children a paper and colored pencils, who use the bench as a desk and the floor as there chair. Other parents pull out there smart phones and give that to their children, who start to watch cartoons like a silent film from the 70’s.The preacher was a regular, preaching about repentance and this and that. As the preacher comes to a close you can see everyone focus their attention back on the pulpit. The preacher calls everyone to prayer. Some folk, particularly the younger people, notice it’s their chance to escape, exit swiftly. Those that stay bow their heads in respect. After 5 minutes or so of prayer you see mouths stop moving. Children going back to there smartphones, and the prayer coming to a close.
After the prayer, the church service moves into songs of praise. Everyone stands to get ready to sing. Once the singing begins all adults start singing. Belching out there vocals as loud as they can. Some faces even turn red from the sheer vocal strength they try to produce. A…