Single Parenting Research Paper

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Single parenting is stereotyped as a negative thing in today’s world. These parents are viewed as a problem to society. People assume that it’s their tax dollars that are supporting these families. Especially if it’s a family with more than one child. There are numerous reasons why these single parent families exist. Reasons that are deeper than just poor judgment or irrational decisions. Single parenting may also be a choice that an individual may make based on circumstances in persons’ life or life style.
Until the 1970’s it was expected for couples to marry before having children. Some people got married due to an unexpected pregnancy. Over half of brides in the late 1960’s were expecting. Twentieth century brides are more than likely unmarried with a higher chance of divorce than generations before (Patterson). I believe in the idea of a two parent house hold family. The reality of today that 26.2% of household are single parent homes (according to a 2010 analysis by Ascend, the Family Economic Security Program at the Aspen Institute). Single parent families come in all color and sizes. There are divorced and widowed people. Successful single people who decided to become parents without a partner. Committed gay and lesbian couples who are unable to marry. Another form of parenthood outside of marriage is, the single woman who choose to adopt and raise children alone. Let’s not forget the woman who desire children before they are past child bearing age and choose insemination.
In a household where the single parent is a man changes a lot of peoples’ opinion on being a single parent. The male is looked at as some type of hero and applauded. They come with titles such as the phenomenon or even called unique. Single fathers are more likely to use positive parenting techniques. While the single mom is looked at by others with daggers in their eyes. Associated with welfare, and unkempt and unruly kids.
Society wants people to believe that being married will magically lift single parents out of poverty. Pressure to marry may lead to domestic instability. Where the couple may be together due to the fact that they have started a family together. Which may lead to an insecure relationship.
I believe it’s wrong to raise a child in an unhappy home, where couples frequently fight. This may lead to a bigger problem on the child behalf. These kids may repeat this pattern. Ohio State University found that “domestic stability can be more important to a child’s well- being than their parent’s marital status” (Ohio State Research News). Some sadly believe that it is better to be living paralyzed with fear than without a mate.
All families have strength and weaknesses. Even though single parenting may be tough the rewards are far greater. When raising kids alone parents tend to give their kids with more responsibilities and treat them more