Single Parents Essay

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In video of “Secrete of the while child” there was so much information of how important it is to socialize from the moment someone is born. I couldn’t stop questioning, what was the purpose of isolating genie? It is cruel how genie was isolated for a long period of time and she was not able to develop like any other child. Seeing how scientist were so interested in the case of genie was good at a certain point; until there was a point were some doctors and scientist use the opportunity to be famous because they study the case of genie. Some of the effects that affected genie for being extremely isolated for long period of time she didn’t know how to speak or understand any language, also she didn’t know how to interact with anyone. Because of being bound to a child’s toilet and the crib so she was limit to any movement, so she didn’t know how to walk. Other facts that we can take as consideration would be that genie was malnourish so that could also affected her brain. The researcher of genie were not successful in genie case. In the time that the scientists studied genie, there was extreme improvement on her learning development. She develop nonverbal communication skills and she was able to show her nonverbal expression. The next step was teaching genie social skills. She was able to learn how to be friendly and show that she cared for someone. It was hard for the scientist that were researching genie to see how she improving on her verbal communication but it was hard to have to care for her she needed 24hour care. I think the scientist that was caring for her just didn’t know how to care for her anymore and they couldn’t do much for her anymore because the government cut their funds for the genies cares. In a way I might say they kind of use genie financially neglected her; Because when there