Sino Soviet Split Essay

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Sino-Soviet Split
Thesis: The reasons for the Sino Soviet split can be placed upon the political, economic and social difference between the nations; especially the ideological differences.
Long Term * Stalin feared Mao as a rival for the leadership of the communist world * Didn’t want the Cold War to spread to Asia * Stalin underestimated the CCP * Believed the GMD would be stronger, * Wanted the communists to unite * Even when the victory of the CCP seemed inevitable. * Mao became convinced that Stalin wanted a divided and weak China to leave the USSR dominant in Asia. * He saw Stalin's policies as self-interested rather than true revolutionary doctrines * The
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* Public works were launched during the GLF; were generally unsuccessful, due to the lack of experienced and expert leadership. * Failure and starvation * After the failure of the GLF China suffered widespread famine * Mao continued to export grain as to not suffer the humiliation of the outside world * In 1961, after millions of deaths due to famine, the PRC decided to end the GLF revolution and no more grain was exported * Sino-Indian War, 1962 * The Soviets provided India with MIG fighters * Offered to mediate in the conflict * The Soviets had aided the enemy in this war. *
Long Term * Stalin felt that Mao using peasants as the basis for the revolution, was not part of