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The Sioux Tribe

David Starks 12/9/11 Period 1
The Sioux tribe was first discovered on the eastside of the Mississippi River in the 17th century. They started out as 20-30 people. Then some of them were transported away to South Dakota. Late in the 17th century the Sioux was in a brutal war against the French. The French were trying to gain advantage of their home land the North American fur trade. Who just recently established the Hudson’s Bay Company. Food Sources The Sioux Indians food sources were mostly large meat. Also, they ate nut, fruit, and berries most of them only ate meat. Sioux hunted only buffalo when they came back from migration. When the Sioux saw a buffalo come over the river they will always be ready. When the time was right they would strike. Most of the time they would eat 1 or 2 buffalo a day.
The Sioux tribe lived in cloth like houses called tipis. They were made of sticks and cloths. Also the Sioux lived in caves to keep from getting cold. Most of them lived in things they found in the forest. Most of the Sioux lived in caves. Other than tipis caves were there homes.
Customs & Traditions The Sioux customs are when everybody on the first of every month the gather around the camp. They all say things in their language (locknok). Mostly they tell about what the plan on doing or have already done. Also they talk about things other people have done to. Sioux has many different and confusing traditions they follow. Most of the Sioux follow the tradition of Christmas but, they don’t have trees, presents, of cookies. They had a hunting of buffalos and eat them together. Mostly like you and your family do on Christmas. Geography The Sioux tribe was located in the western part of North Dakota. A few of them where located by Lake Michigan in