Essay Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

English literature has many icons. One of these names is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The man who created Sherlock Holmes and get famous with it, the following to the essay that is summary of Doyle's life and his career.

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In Irish Catholic Family whom they lived in Edinburgh, 22nd May, 1859 Arthur Doyle was born. Family of Doyle was well respected in the Art, his father Charles, was an alcoholic for a long while, his Mother predominately pleased in telling her son outlandish stories. Doyle graduated form Stony Hurst College in 1786. Hi decided to take a medical degree at the University of Edinburgh instead. Doyle met Professor Dr. Joseph Bell, that person who inspired Conan to create his famous character, Sherlock Holmes. Sir started the writing in a short story named (The Mystery of Sasassa Valley). He returned to medical school in 1880. First time working as a doctor, Doyle employed from a medical officer's position abroad the steamship Mayumba, traveling from Liverpool to Africa. Then, stabilized in Plymouth, England for a while, then moved to Portsmouth and opened his first practice. He spent the next few years to organize his medical career, after that he give up the medicine altogether, in order to allocate rest of his life for writing and his faith.

In 1885 Doyle married his first wife, Louisa Hawkins, the couple had tow children. Seven years later Louisa was diagnosed with tuberculosis. During the time that