Sir Francis Bacon Essay

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April 23, 2015

Sir Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon, the Father of Modern Science was well known for developing the Scientific Method which uses empirical and inductive approach for research. Empirical approach simply is seeing something happen rather than making a hypothesis. The inductive approach simply goes from general to specific and the deductive approach goes from specific to general.

Sir Francis Bacon, father was named Nicholas Bacon. His mother name was Anne Bacon. He had two brothers named Anthony Bacon and Edward Bacon. His wife was named Alice Barnham. He has no children that I can find. He went to school at Trinity College, Cambridge, University of Cambridge, and University of Poitiers. He was born and lived in Highgate, London, England as a kid.
On April 5, 1573, Bacon gained admission in Trinity College, Cambridge at the age of 12. He lived there for three years with his older brother, Anthony under the personal guardianship of Dr. John Whitgift, future Archbishop of Canterbury When he was at the University of Poitiers at the Cambridge, he meat Queen Elizabeth. She was influenced by his unusually smart intellect she called him "the young Lord Keeper". He and his brother, Anthony entered de societate magistrorum at Gray's Inn on 27th June, 1576. After some months, Bacon went abroad with Sir Amias Paulet, the English ambassador at Paris. His brother continued studying at home only. In France, the state of government and society under Henry III gave Bacon valuable political instructions. For three years. Then he started to travel to Blois, Poitiers, Tours, Italy and Spain. He studied languages, statecraft, and civil law. Sir Nicholas arranged a nice amount of money to buy an estate for his youngest son but died before the same. Francis got only a fifth of that sum of money. His brother Nathaniel Bacon live thou 1547-1622 unknown reason why he died. Sir Edward Bacon was a half-brother of Sir Francis Bacon, No birth date but they had the day he died September 8, 1618 unknown reason of death. His brother Anthony Bacon was a spy for Queen Elizabethan and he lived from 1558–1601 unknown cause of death. His father was Sir Nicholas Bacon he was born December 28, 1510, London Borough of Bromley, London, United Kingdom he died in February 20, 1579, St Albans, and United Kingdom Unknown how he died. His mother Anne Bacon lived thou 1528-1610, she died at St Albans, United Kingdom. Now for his wife Alice Barnham she was born May 14, 1592, London, United Kingdom. She died 1650, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom unknown how she died. He want to go to school with his brother to learn about law. Then he meat Queen Elizabethan and she said to him “the young Lord Keeper” so he got started trying new things. Francis Bacon is famous for being the Lord Chancellor of England. He is also credited for developing the initial framework for modern scientific theory. A substantial portion of his work in his later years was geared toward philanthropic endeavors. Eventually, he became a member for Cornwall in the House of Commons, which began his political career. He held a place in Parliament for nearly four decades until being ousted on bribery charges in 1621. first of all he separated science and religion and secondly, he developed "scientific method" as the means to go from hypothesis to experiment to conclusions. In 1603 Queen Elizabeth died and was succeeded by King James I in whose service Bacon flourished greatly. King James I made him office of solicitor in 1607. King James I made him treasurer of Gray's Inn 1608. King James I made him Attorney General1613. King James I appointed him the temporary Regent of England 1617. King James I appointed him Lord Chancellor 1618. Sir Francis Bacon Published…