Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Comparison Essay

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We all have disliked someone but respected them for the person that they were and are. What makes us respect someone that we dislike? Usually, it is their character that we respect and their attitude and way of dealing with struggles that we dislike. The characteristics that makes one respectable can vary but are usually these; Having courage, honor, and strength, all of which we can learn about in the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Marie Borroff and the story Morte D’ Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory. In the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Marie Borroff we learn about the characteristic of courage through Sir Gawain. In this poem a green knight enters into King Arthur’s courts and purposes a challenge and wishes one of Arthur’s …show more content…
Sir Gawain got his chance to cut off the green knight’s head and succeeds. However, the Green knight simple picks up this head and leaves. The rule of the challenge was that in one year Sir Gawain was to go find the Green knight to receive his blow with the ax. After a year passes Sir Gawain takes his courage and honor to go see the Green knight, this earns the respect of the Green knight because he kept his word and that is honorable. The Green knight then gets ready to strike Sir Gawain but at the last moment does not and Gawain flinches. The Green knight points this out and Gawain says it won’t happen again so the Green knight lifts his ax up again and Gawain doesn’t flinch. Eventually the Green knight just barley clips Gawain’s neck, he then says this to Gawain. “I give you sir, this girdle that is gold hemmed and green as my garments, that, Gawain, you may be mindful of this meeting when you mingle in throng.” He is honoring Sir Gawain with his girdle for his braveness and honor, because Gawain passed his tests that he set before him. The green knight gives Gawain the girdle to remember the Green knight when he goes into battle and to honor