Sir Isaac Newton Essay

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Born on Christmas day of 1642, Sir Isaac Newton is considered as one of the greatest fathers of modern science. He is regarded as a polymath who has made contributions in the field of mathematics, chemistry, theology, astronomy, biblical history and physics. Sir Isaac Newton did not marry; instead he kept a number of close friends with whom he lived a long life till his death at age 84. Newton faced a troubled childhood than most of his peers. For instance, his illiterate father died before he was born, he was brought up by his grandmother and worse still, he hated a man who unfortunately married his mother. This is might have been the reason why he accumulated strong traits which built his passion for greatness.

One of the major traits of Sir Isaac Newton is his religious devotion to his work. Isaac Newton is even to date viewed as a stereotypical genius who got sold into his work and literary forgot the outside world. A story is told of how he sometimes worked and even forgot eating and other personal effects. The comical story goes on to suggest that he was so busy thinking that he could not see an apple falling and only notices after it fell. The proponents of the story suggest that he did not eat the apple just like a normal human behavior would be. Instead, his thinking continued until he discovered why the apple fell and that is how the discovery of gravity was inspired. The truth is of the matter is many human beings would just take the apple and eat while at the