Sir Nigib Case Study

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Part 1
Rise to Power: The leader of the LOL’s Sir Nigib took power of Canada by gaining 100% of the votes by bribing the other major party leaders. While in his first year a new terrorist regime began called the “Crushfest” that cause turmoil and distress forcing Prime Minister Sir Nigib to put the Enabling Act into effect. He officially begins his reign over Canada with the Enabling Act and by doing this he had full control over the country’s political decisions.
Ideologies: Sir Nigib took much interest in the ideologies beliefs that Hitler followed through during the Nazi Regime. Having the camp ideologies that Hitler had Nigib began to put Jewish religions into the concentration camps much similar to what Hitler did. Banding religion so they have nothing to rally around and I appear to be the only Supreme Being. Scapegoating onto the Jews, and the Americans. Conscription into the army as well as hockey to maintain our dominance so if you suck at hockey you go into the army. Because having a strong military force on the world will make the other countries think twice about invading you.
Maintain power: To keep his strong reign over Canada Sir Nigib had a secret police force much under the influence of Hitler’s Gestapo, and used this force to maintain the fear and dominance over the Canadian people. Using propaganda to control the minds of the citizens and making education very hard to pay for. While spreading fear across the country Sir Nigib will create peace