Description Of A Tiny Kittens

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Tiny kittens and mother cats are probably one of the cutest things this world can offer. Have you ever seen a mommy cat and her kittens? Have you ever had to take care of them? A few years ago in 2009 I witnessed a very frightening experience. My mother and I were fostering mother cats and their kittens for the local animal rescue. We had taken in three litters previous to this one so we were pretty used to what the kitten needed and what were safety concerns. There were about 5 kittens in this litte,r and Sweetcheecks, our cat we have now was the mother. She had a white kitten, a gray tabby like her, a darker one with black stripes, a dark brown kitten and finally a little black and white kitten. They were all kept in my room and I would watch and play with them the majority of the time that I was home. It had been about a month since the kittens had been born and they were starting to eat just a little bit of canned cat food. It seemed as though it was working fine and slowly they were getting off of the milk. One evening after eating dinner I came into my room to check on everyone. I pet each of the tiny kittens but noticed one hadn’t come to me. I didn’t see the little black and white kitten. I didn’t panic but I looked around my room to find him. I looked over the side of my bed and there he was. As I was just about to pick him up I noticed that he was foaming in the mouth. I got worried and looked at him more he was choking. I quickly hollered for my mother and she