Siren Song: The Manipulating Song By Margaret Atwood

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The Manipulating Song
"Siren Song" is a poem written by Margaret Atwood. This poem gives us a first-person view of a siren. To the siren, this is all the same. She sings the same song that tricks mariners into their trap, but she begins growing bored. In the end, her true nature is revealed (Overview).
First, the background of the creature. In Greek mythology, sirens are half-woman and half-fish creatures. In "Siren Song" they sing a song, but that is what sirens do. They sing a song that lures men to their death. Men who do hear the song cannot escape it. (Explanation).
Second is how sirens are popularly known. Sirens are known more from Homer’s “The Odyssey”. In the story, the hero, Odysseus, has to travel through the siren territory along