Essay on Situational Analysis of Singapore Airlines

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The history of Singapore Airlines dates back to 1 May 1947, when the first scheduled flight of Malaysian Airlines took off from Singapore and then landed in Penang. It was on 16 September 1963, the Federation of Malaysia was born and the Airline became known as Malaysian Airways. In May 1966, it became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. However in 1972, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines split up to become two entities - Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Malaysian Airline System (MAS).
The “Singapore Girl” theme was a key element in the company’s advertising strategy since day one which represented personification of charm and friendliness. The stewardesses dressed in a “sarong kebaya” uniform designed by French couturier Pierre Balmain
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If the management decided to adapt new technology, and if the technology is used properly and creatively, SIA can personalized its services more and make people feel that it really care. However, concerned was raised by top management, that if technology is being adapted, it should not result in disturbing other passengers, reduce valuable setting space or adversely affect the company’s high level of personal service.


The management of SIA must decide carefully before choosing best alternatives.

Alternative 1: Remain status quo
If the management of SIA decided to remain status quo or do nothing, it will still survive the competition because SIA is world re-known for its service quality off-ground and on-ground. This proven as SIA’s always stress the importance of its customer philosophy and service culture. The underlying principle of SIA that is customer came first is being carried through at all levels of the organization. Handling customers at each point of contact was considered of paramount important. That is the reason why SIA is being acknowledge for its high service quality awards.

In addition to that, the success of SIA in applying its’ current technology that enabled the chef to fine-tune menus for its passenger is considered another strength for the company, making it distinguishable from its competitors. SIA welcome complaints and rectify it effectively.