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veloci-Q 101: An Introduction to Quality @ Wipro

Six Sigma
Sigma is a statistical expression that indicates how defect-free a process or a product is.
Six Sigma is not merely a quality initiative. It is a business initiative that involves measuring and analyzing an organization’s business processes.
Its about deciding to work on specific problems in the organization with the objective of identifying and quantifying shortcomings in processes. Recommendations for process improvement are derived from the analysis of this quantified data.
Achieving the goal of Six Sigma requires more than small, incremental improvements; it requires breakthroughs in every area of operation. In statistical terms, ‘reaching Six Sigma’ means that your process or product will perform with almost no defects. At Six Sigma level, the defect rate drops to 3.4 mistakes in a million.
Six Sigma is a locomotive of change and a benchmark of comparison against the best in the industry. More than just being a model, it’s a way of work that impacts the entire work culture of the organization. The term Six Sigma Quality, came from Motorola. Today, it is synonymous with “world class”.

Key reasons for adopting Six Sigma at Wipro:

Six Sigma
• Focuses on the customer and is based on data
• Integrates well with our other Quality initiatives
• Is measurable unlike other Quality systems
• Is an effective methodology to remove defects from products and services
• Gives us a competitive edge to sustain
• Is project based and gives us immediate milestones

The Cost of Poor Quality:

Myth: Practicing Quality is expensive.
Reality: Not