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International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management
Six Sigma vs Lean: Some perspectives from leading academics and practitioners
Jiju Antony

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Jiju Antony, (2011),"Six Sigma vs Lean", International Journal of Productivity and Performance
Management, Vol. 60 Iss 2 pp. 185 - 190
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Six Sigma vs Lean
Some perspectives from leading academics and practitioners
Jiju Antony
Centre for Research in Six Sigma and Process Excellence and
Department of DMEM, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Six Sigma vs

Received July 2010
Accepted August 2010

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present the fundamental and critical differences between two of the most powerful methodologies in a process excellence initiative in any organisation.
Design/methodology/approach – The approach taken was to collate opinions from a number of leading academics and practitioners from five different countries. It was also important to ensure that all participants have a good knowledge and expertise in the field of both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Findings – Although both methodologies are focused on process and quality improvement, Lean is formalisation and codification of experience and judgement which is not a feature of Six Sigma. Lean emphasises speed and waste, however Six Sigma emphasises variation, defects and process evaluation.
Research limitations/implications – The viewpoints expressed in the article are those of a few academics and practitioners. It is important to capture the viewpoints of more academics and practitioners to arrive at sound and valid conclusions.
Originality/value – The paper provides an excellent resource for many