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Sjharee Calhoun
Women in History, Faulkner
Gender Personal Reflection

The lifestyle that I have been raised in, experienced, and analyzed has made me aware of my gender. Most women in my family are single, middle aged, with children. This constant criteria has influenced each women to be open minded , determined , and confident. The female sex is more significant in my family lifestyle throughout many generations, but both genders are important roles that each female must play. I do feel that experiencing both genders from one woman has been a huge influence on my way of thinking and living. For four generation each mother in my family has had a child at least at the age of 16. All four women raised there children plus more throughout the years as a single mother. Even if these women engaged in dating they still ensured they’d play the role of the “man” and “woman” of the house. For example my mom knowing nothing about boys sports, signed my brother up for football. She explain to the coach that she was a single parent so she may need some assistance about the game itself and tips and information to break my brothers shell of shyness. When my mom and I arrived to the first practice the field was filled with dads and sons, the only females in sight were my mom and I. Instead of feeling uncomfortable she told my brother don’t be sad because you have a support system just as strong as anyone else with two parents. It idealistic that for a balanced household a