Skateboarding and Active Ride Essay

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Date: December 5, 2012

To: Alexandra Dimakos, Vice President of Communication

From: Matthew Hildreth, Anna Aloyan and Sheebanna Saadati, Associate Directors of Communication

Subject: Communication Analysis of Active Ride

Our company, Mammoth Skateboards, has decided to re-evaluate all of our communication tactics by looking at what our competitor, Active Ride, has done. At Mammoth Skateboards, we need to broaden our ways of communication through visual, written and oral channels. By looking at what Active Ride has accomplished in these channels, we can better understand how to improve our communication.

Through visual aids, Active has been able to reach a wider audience of skateboarders. These visual aids include: * Magazine advertisements in relevant skateboard magazines including Thrasher and Skateboard Magazine. * Online website where they include shop locations, contact information, live 24/7 chat, news, upcoming dates and special events and an online shop with clothing, shoes, accessories and skateboards for sale. * Social media sites including Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter. * Billboards in skateboard shops. The billboards usually show sponsored skaters doing difficult tricks all while wearing Active Ride clothing, shoes and riding on Active skateboard decks.
These visual aids also have a very specific design element that appeals to skateboarders. All the ads featuring famous skateboarders have them in Active Ride clothing, the Active Ride logo is displayed on each page of the online site and on social media.

Another channel Active communicates effectively through written. Written communication channels Active has been using include: * Magazine columns in relevant skateboard magazines. Active has sponsored skaters that are interviewed by magazines and talk about