Skeletal System and Homeostasis Essay

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Skeletal system and Homeostasis
The skeletal system approximately exist 206 bones that’s permit do movements in the bones comes the un table rigid that supports the muscles and the blanks lungs the bones form many roles cavities that protect organs and interns of possible trauma

1) Bones protect vital organs (form cavities)?
The human skeleton consist of 206 bones and is divided into two parts the parental bones are connected and make up part of the roof and sides of the human skull, like the others crannies bones, their main functions include protection of the brain and support of the face. 2) Bones protect vital organs (form cavities) the importance thing of the skeleton is to help the body move doing exercise and eating good to have a good health muscles and bones work together to allow our body a good movement of our muscles of result of our body the skeleton play many important roles in homeostasis, also regulate some import ants minerals primary calcium in the blood which help the muscles and bones to be in movement. 3) Bones produce blood cells (important homeostasis) blood cells are made in the bone in the material know as bone marrow maintaining homeostasis, the red blood cell, which also have the important responsibility of carrying the oxygen thought the body, exist in red blood cells, hemoglobin not only bring oxygen and transport it, red marrow is simply connectivity tissue that contains these blood cells precursors and the cell that…