Descriptive Essay About Smile

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His smile is my favorite thing. He has these plump lips that are of a salmon pink shade and his teeth aren’t that straight but they suit him, they are unique just like he is. So when he smiles, its like this little boy is smiling and a warm and comforting feeling comes over me. His eyes are exquisite, a pair of perfect almond shaped eyelids with a golden brown coloured iris in each eye and a set of short but curly lashes around them. The hair on his head is mouse brown and tousled, as if he had just woken up, ran his fingers through it and left the house. He only has a small amount of facial hair with slight hair growth on the outline of his jaw. His ears are small and on the rim of his left ear, a light beauty spot is visible and for some odd reason, I always find myself staring at it out of admiration.

He has fingers that are delicate and thin, they almost seem feminine but the cut nails and apparent knuckles make them man-like. From his neck down, his body is muscled from being an athlete since he was a child. His back is brawny, and the muscles are defined so you could see where they began and ended. His arms are thick and are aesthetically pleasing as his triceps and biceps create perfect curves along both arms. He is wearing a baby blue t-shirt that is slim-fitted and with no surprise, it does justice for his tan complexion. There he was, sitting on my black sofa with the