Essay on Ski Permission Slip

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I understand that I am responsible for being at the_______________________________on time to pick up my child at the end of the trip, or to otherwise arrange for their transportation. I also agree that my child will be on his/her best behaviour and will be halted from doing anymore skiing or snowboarding, if he/she is misbehaving or act inappropriately in any other way and the price for the entire trip will not be refunded. I understand that skiing and snowboarding are high-risk activities and my child will take full responsibility and release supervisors, driver and organizer of any liability. I also give permission for my child to be treated by medical personnel in event of an emergency. I understand, it is my child responsibility to pay for the ski fees at the ski field on the day and any loss of money will be under my child responsibility. I know that my child will be paying $_____________. I also know that if I want further information I can go on __________________________. I understand that this trip will be supervised with the help of responsible adults and Teacher.

I hereby give permission for ___________________________________________________ to travel to________________________________ on ____________________________ (unless postponed) to go skiing / snowboarding. (Please circle preferred option).

Parent’s Name __________________________ Signature ___________________________ Date: / /

I, ____________________________ understand the risks and the consequences of my actions, and I’ll be on my best behaviour throughout the trip.

Child’s Name ___________________________ Signature ___________________________ Date: / /


Please Provide the Following Information
Emergency Contact: __________________________ (Relationship) ____________________
Primary Phone # ______________________ Secondary/Mobile Phone # ______________________