Skills: Good Communication Essay

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Having good communication skills in your life is a very good too to have. Too know how to successfully communicate with others in your day to day life. By being a sender and also a receiver. Both play a big role in communication. To get your message to the receiver you need to be a good sender. There are different ways to give a message, there are nonverbal messages witch is a message sent by means other than spoken words. There are verbal messages witch are messages sent to a receiver though spoken words. Feedback is the response of the receivers to the sender. Feedback can be verbal or nonverbal
Having good communication skills in your academic life is a good tool to have. It is important to communicate with your professors or teachers. Asking questions about a subject that you are having difficulty on, and being able to ask those questions. By asking you are communicating as a sender to your teacher or professor who is the receiver. If you are a shy person this will affect your ability to communicate with others in your day to day life.
Moving in to your job. Communication plays a very key role in the work environment. If you can’t communicate efficiently you will have problems. Such as ordering stuff like parts for work, or having a meeting to talk about productivity. If you do not know how to bring a group together and keep their attention. Your message will not be comprehended. Knowing how to read feedback form your coworkers is ideal to know. When you are talking