Essay on Skills That Require Tedious Practice

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There are many skills, jobs, performances, etc.. that require many hours of tedious training everyday. No one person is born with the ability to do much more than cry.
So when it comes to very complex and physical tasks, such as playing basketball, years upon years of practice is expected.

A standard basketball goal is positioned ten feet above the ground level and only nine inches wider than the ball itself. Aim, as well a the perfect amount of thrust and perfect arch must all come together simultaneously to achieve a basket. Don't forget, a player must be able to get in range for a shot, which leads to another skill in itself, dribbling. There are many rules to follow when dribbling such as "traveling". A player who travels has already performed a dribble, picked up the ball with both hands, and taken a step. The proper way to pick up the ball after dribbling is to plant one foot down, and pivot on that one foot. A second rule is based on the amount of time a team is in possession of the ball. A team has forty-five seconds to make a shot.

When basketball is played on a competitive level, every player on the court is on the same mission: get the ball and score as many points as possible. Each and every player also has their own strengths, which helps the team spread out talent. Taller, heavier players tend to play under the goal, where their height is an advantage. Shorter, lighter player stay outside, and their speed assists them in shaking a defender off and making a break for the basket.

Much like when playing on the offensive side of the ball, there are many rules to follow when playing defensively. A player from the opposing team can not "charge" into a defensive player who is not in motion. If the defender IS in motion, a foul will be called on the defender. Many times, a defender will position themselves in front of a offensive players way to attempt to draw a foul on the