Skills: To Kill a Mockingbird and Innocent Singing Creatures Essay

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STOP THE PRESS! Answer this question, how would you feel if you were wrongly accused of a serious offense that can ruin you in the eyes of others? The connotation to the title "To Kill A Mockingbird" stands out as a portrayal towards Tom Roberson. Tom Roberson has unfortunately been maliciously accused of raping Mayella Yule. No One Wants To Be Convicted Of Something They Haven't Done. Mayella Yule at no time seemed believable. what was the goal behind this act?

To begin with, Mayella Ewell was constantly devious throughout her verdict, something was just never right about her. she seemed skeptical about everything. Mayella's story never paired with the evidence that were in Atticus Possession; For example, Mayella claimed to have been struck on her right eye, but Tom Roberson is a left handed man because his right arm is paralyzed. If you were apart of the jury would you find this suspicious? something isn't adding Up.

In addition, did the Ewells frame Tom Roberson just to increase in additional cash? the Ewells weren't financially stable the specific matter that heighten them at any level in the community is the fact that they're white; could this be the reason to why they plotted such an evil scheme? The Ewells designated the easiest target to frame. Tom Roberson is an African-american Male, but to the town of Maycomb just the classic nigger. Of course no one would believe a black man. In the eyes of a majority of white people all black civilians were guilty.

The meaning behind Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" title displayed hatred, prejudice, and ignorance citizens portrayed in the 1960's. As Tom Roberson being a reference to this unfortunate interaction with the Ewells,