Skills Used in Person Centred Counselling Essay

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ABC Level 3 Certificate in counselling skills
Assignment 8 ‘Definitions of Counselling skills’
Unit 3, Criterion 1.3

The skills used in counselling, vary from model to model, here are definitions of the skills used in person centred counselling, Attentiveness and rapport building
Being attentive means giving all of your physical attention to another person so that you are fully present for them. This will help you to notice what the client is NOT saying, by noticing their body language, and also their tone and pace of voice. The use of non-verbal cues and the counsellor’s own body language conveys to the client that he is interested in what the client has to say. (Bolton 1979). Managing silences from the client shows
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You must listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart. (Ty Pastore family 2010).
Using empathic listening in counselling sessions indicates to the client that he is being listened to, understood and not judged. This gives the client the confidence to carry on and ultimately find his own way through his difficulties. There are four levels of empathy, these range from;
0 - Where no evidence that empathy is shown 1- Where there is some understanding of the client’s problem but the counsellor loses some of the client’s feelings in the response. 2- Shows understanding and acceptance of feeling 3- Understands beyond the level of the client’s immediate awareness, showing an understanding of underlying feelings. (Course handout 2013).

Unconditional positive regard means accepting and supporting someone regardless of what they say or do. When a counsellor shows unconditional positive regard for a client it helps the client accept and take responsibility for themselves. It means not judging people, even when what they say or do goes against your own belief system. (Rogers 1980).
Congruence is being genuine and honest with clients, not putting on a front or mask and being true to oneself. (Course handout 2013).
It is one of the core conditions of person centred counselling and I believe that without congruence, the other skills used in counselling would suffer. As everything hinges on the counsellor being honest and real for the