Skin and Elemental Nature Essay

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What’s your skin telling you?

Most of us know that Aveda is an incredible line for Hair and skin care which has been created from only using naturally derived ingredients. But did you know that the concept of Aveda is based on an ancient 5000 year old Indian healing Philosophy called Ayurveda? Directly translated AYUR means “Life” and VEDA means “knowledge”. Ayurveda tells us that we are made of up 5 natures also known as Elemental natures. Every one of us has a unique combination of all 5 Natures.

• Infinity/Air

• Fire

• Water/Earth

When these Natures are balanced, one will experience healthy, radiant skin and will be grounded in body, mind and spirit. When skin/body/mind concerns become apparent it may be a signal that an elemental nature needs to be balanced. Depending on your lifestyle, diet, job, relationships or any part of our existence may have an effect on unbalancing your Elemental Natures. The principle is “like qualities balances like”. So if a person eats heavy, processed foods, the elements of water/earth (which are heavy) would increase and become imbalanced. The imbalances are revealed through various mind, body and skin conditions.


Infinity is the open expansion of the universe and is responsible for the expansion of the body. The expansion of lungs, capillaries, veins and muscle movement. Air represents movement and is responsible for all the movement in the body.

When you have an imbalance in these natures you may find that you will experience dry, dehydrated skin with fine lines. You may suffer with insomnia, nervousness/anxiety and have digestion problems

The Key with Balancing Infinity/Air is Nourishment, hydration and moisture.

Your balancing aromas are Lavender, Rose, Vanilla and Cinnamon

• Use the Bee breath technique – inhale deeply then exhale slowly making a gentle humming sound as you do. Concentrate on the vibration to clear congestion and clear your mind.

• Certain foods help to balance your nature. Enjoy warming foods with sweet, sour and salty flavours. Foods such as, asparagus, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, avocado, pineapple and bananas. Brown rice, beans, tofu, dairy and all spices may also help to balance you.

• Self massage the area around your ears and temples with circular movements and then press and release several times to activate your pressure points


Fire creates heat which in turn creates change or transformation. Fire is responsible for all the transformations in the body like turning food into energy, controlling body temperature as well as the colouration of the skin.

When your fire Nature is imbalanced you may experience anger, frustration/irritation and indigestion. Your skin may present redness, sensitivity, reactivity and discolouration.

The Key in balancing a fire Nature is soothing and cooling the skin.

Your balancing aromas are Ylang Yang, Peppermint and Sandalwood.

• Inhale deeply the exhale through your mouth making a “haa” sound once you get the feel for it create the same vibration and sound in the back of your throat.

• Enjoy cooling foods and drinks with a sweet, astringent or bitter flavour. Include Broccoli, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, grapes, pears, watermelon, lentils and most beans.

• Open your senses by closing your eyes and cover them with the palms of your hands. Hold this position and breathe deeply then release this pose. While you eyes are still closed, massage the bony ridge where your eyes brow is with gentle circular moments and then move inwards underneath the eye.


Water is responsible for connection and lubrication in the body such as fluid in the joints, digestive tract and the respiratory tract. Water energy governs the interaction of all 5 natures as well as our relationships and connections to others.

The Element of Earth is solid and stable and is responsible for structure in…