Skin By Jimmy T. Mitchell Summary

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In today's world, you cannot say anything about people without knowing them. Everyone in this world have different opinions about things and react in different ways to it. In India, I have cousins who always encouraged me. It was so hard for me to leave India and move to a different country because of such a good relationship with my family. I always thought that my cousins who live in the United States will be same as in India, but I was wrong as the ones who live here just ignored me and my sister just for someone else who is not even a part of my family. Then, I realized that I cannot say anything about the person until I have a positive or a negative experience with that person. Now, I think twice before getting along with my family members …show more content…
ignored Mitchell. When I read that part, it make me think about the incident I had with my cousin. In the reading, Jimmy T. ignored Mitchell until we came to the end. Even though Mitchell admired him and whenever he wanted to talk to Jimmy T., he just ignored him. For example me and my sister give her respect because she is older than us, but she just spoil that respect in our eyes by doing bad to us. Still at this point, my sister tell me that it’s ok if she did that but don't say bad about her because we are elder and she is older. But she always ignore us both since that day until now. We both though she will come and talk to us but she always make her face expressions like when we does not food. Mitchell thought that may be Jimmy T. don’t like him or may be he never even noticed that he was standing there. Sometimes, it hurt Mitchell, but he cannot do anything. So, he just let it happen and never asked Jimmy T. about why did he ignored him. If we compare this with my experience, they are almost the same. After that day, she never spoke to me and my sister so, we decided just not to bother her as if she does not want to talk then it's all up to her. We don’t want to force anyone to talk to