Skin Cancer and Transition Statement Essay

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Topic: What is skin cancer and how to prevent it?
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience on what skin cancer is and how they can take precautions from this disease.
Thesis Statement: Skin cancer is increasing rapidly among teens and adults’, knowing what skin cancer is, the symptoms and how to reduce your risks of getting skin cancer at an early age.

I. Introduction A. How many of you like to go to the beach or tanning places raise your hand?
How many of you go often? B. Did you know someone dies of melanoma, a skin cancer, every hour so if you raised your hand you’re putting yourself in danger of getting skin cancer at an early age. C. I know I love to go to the beach as much as some of you, but sometimes we don’t necessarily take the right precautions before going into the sun. D. Skin cancer is increasing rapidly among teenagers and young adults, which is why you need to know what causes it and how to prevent getting skin cancer at an early age.
Transition Statement: first I’m going to tell you what skin cancer is and their symptoms. II. Body A. The sun can be more damaging then you think. 1. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer that can happen when spending an excessive amount of time in the sun. Receiving too much sun can cause your normal skin cells to become abnormal. (health wise, 2011) a. When I go to the beach I like to lay down in the sun a lot, I know getting too much sun is bad for me so I tend to not lie out in the sun for a long time, but there is no “right amount of time” for you to be in the sun. b. Think of your skin as a grape and a raisin, when you’re young you have unwrinkled skin and as you age your skin becomes wrinkly but if you’re lying in the sun for an excessive amount of time your speeding up the process of getting wrinkled skin. 2. There are two types of skin cancer a. One type of skin cancer is Basal cell carcinoma (or non-melanoma) skin cancer. i. The most common warning sign of skin cancer is noticing a change in your skin for example a sore that won’t go away after two weeks. ii. It can be 100 percent curable if has been diagnosed in its early stages. b. Other type of skin cancer is the melanoma type. Similar to the first type of cancer but with more severe symptoms. i. This is the less common type of skin cancer but it is the most severe. ii. The common sign of Melanoma is that it can change the color, shape and size of a mole or birthmark you already have. Melanoma can look like a regular mole either brown or black and is flat, but melanoma has an irregular shape with uneven edges. c. Both types of skin cancer are alarming; one is less severe than the other and can be curable while the other one has caused death rates to increase since 2009. On males skin cancer is most common on their chest and back, and on legs for women, but they can also get melanoma on their torso if they use a tanning bed often
Transition statement: once we know what skin cancer is and the symptoms are we can learn what causes these skin cancers. B. There are many causes of skin cancer. 1. Non-melanoma is typically caused by receiving an excessive amount of sun or the use of tanning beds. If you have light skin and burn easy you are more prone to get skin cancer. You also have a higher risk if someone in your family has had non-melanoma skin cancer before or if you’ve had it once and got it removed; your chances are high of getting it again. 2. Melanoma also has very similar causes to non-melanoma, it can be hereditary, and excessive exposure to sun. a. Other causes include having a birthmark or mole, where melanoma can easily manipulate it. b. It can also grow on skin where there is no birthmark or mole present; this melanoma will take the appearance of a mole but with different characteristics like being lumpy or uneven edges. c. Melanoma moles are larger than