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Scarlet Letter Essay The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne has been read in high schools across the country for many years and I believe should be continued to be read because of its classic literature and its literary devices. I admit I was bored to tears reading this book however this book serves a purpose with being so relevant and complex. The Scarlett Letter consumes many literary elements within the text. Everything we have worked on in class this year relates to The Scarlett Letter. The novel goes into great depth with annotations for example, we took a paragraph out of the book and found so much dealing with Soapstone, syntax, diction, imagery, and the use of symbolism. To portray the use of human emotions is best understood and described by literacy elements which the English language is jam-packed with. The Scarlet Letter gives the students a visual of understanding the use of literary devices. This novel is not only regarded as one of Hawthorne’s greatest accomplishments but the greatest novel in American history! The plot weaves a tale not only about a couple of people committing adultery, but the impact on them and the larger puritan society. It resonates in today’s culture as it did when this book was written. The Scarlet Letter is historical however it contains passion, revenge, grief, hope, lust, sin, and redemption. The novel reflects these elements creating it to be considered a