Skittles, Hershey Kisses And Pixie Sticks

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2,628,000 seconds, 43,800 minutes, 120 hours in 30 days. This is how long it took to make my very first stop motion film, my very first stop motion that had failed. “Slow” and “boring” were among the few adjectives that stood out to me once the video had surfaced on YouTube. My work was now upon the terrifying world on the internet, up for any strangers critiques and criticisms. Then again, I didn’t know if anyone would even watch it.
Stop motion is more than just putting together pictures. I wanted to create a story, and I decided my first theme would be candy. I gathered Reese's cups, Skittles, Hershey Kisses and Pixie Sticks from my kitchen cabinet. Frame by frame, centimeter by centimeter, I moved each piece in order for them to come alive. Every piece of candy was delicately handled as to not upset the fragile state of the other objects. For stop motion, my pictures needed to become one moving video, every object needed to look as if it was moving on their own. By the end, I had 1,036 pictures on my laptop which were transferred them to iMovie, edited, had the frame rate adjusted, steadied the movements and uploaded it to YouTube all over four hours. My heart was pounding with had no expectations for my
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Weeks of working just for these measly 4 minutes of film. I tried to channel my disappointment at myself. I reflected on the comments and realized, yes, the frame rate was too slow, the lighting was off and indeed some pictures were tilted. I had spent most of my summer planning, taking photos amd imaging my life as a move maker, only to hear that my video had been a disaster. My idea of making a longer video only made it boring. And that smooth professional flow I longed for was lacking...greatly. With these new opinions, I made it my mission to create a better content. Just simple comments from strangers on YouTube had launched me into the world of stop motion, my new passion that consumed my entire