Skunk and Fox Essay

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Once upon a time, there was skunk that lived with a strict, loving, and caring mom. She wanted her son to stay away from strangers and always told him “never eat berries.” The Skunk had a lot of friends such as rabbits, squirrels, and parrots and he played with them all the time. Though, the Skunk and his mother thought about moving to another jungle because humans started cutting trees. Eventually, they ended up moving. When they moved, unfortunately they went to a jungle where they had no food to eat. The skunk started looking for food and all of a sudden he saw some light which was coming from the fox’s house. He just ran there and knocked on the door but no one responded. Then, he threw a stone at the window to break the glass. Then, he went in the house and started looking for food and something to drink, but all he found was some nuts, candies, and couple bottles of water. He took the food and went back to his mother but, when he was coming out from the fox’s house, the fox saw him, and she tried to snatch her food from him but she couldn’t grab it and he just ran away. Though, one day skunk was playing in jungle alone and he got greedy when he saw couple pairs of berries hanging on a tree. He went up to the tree where the berries were hanging and he wanted to eat those berries but, he remembered what his mother had told him. Then the fox appeared over there and said, “Hi skunk, how are you?” “I am good, how you are?” replied the skunk. “What you doing over here?” the fox replied. “I want to eat those berries?” the skunk said Then the Fox came over there and told him,