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1. How was Sky Dayton’s personality shaped by his family background?
Sky Dayton’s personality was shaped by his grandfather’s background working at IBM. At Nine years old, Dayton’s grandfather would take him to work where he was viewing all types of technology, which caught his interest. Sky Dayton also mentions how growing up his parents didn’t force him to take a certain career path. This gave him the ability to pursue all the different types of businesses he’s owned throughout his life and till now. As growing up he’s had several businesses and regardless if they got out of business he never gave up in starting fresh new ideas.

2. Where did the idea of EarthLink come from?
The idea of EarthLink came about when Sky Dayton discovered the Internet. Upon his discovery he came up with the idea of creating an easier way for people to connect to the Internet, which lead to the idea of EarthLink.

3. What were the hurdles he faced in starting the business, and how were they overcome?
One of the main hurdles Sky Dayton faced was getting investors. He had to first create a business plan in order to provide a layout of what his company is about. He later gets in contact with his friend from high school who has a father who could possibly be an investor. After the friend’s father received and reviewed the business plan, he decided to invest $100,000 with 40% of the company which lead to the start up of EarthLink.

4. How did his role in business change over time? Describe Sky Dayton’s management style?
As EarthLink progressed overtime, Dayton was hiring employees in order to keep his business progressing. His role changed from when he started due to the fact that he was doing most of the jobs by himself. As he was hiring different employees to do certain jobs, it allowed him to focus on strategies to improve his company. Sky Dayton’s management style was unique by the way he conducted his interviews. He mentions how he would interview the interviewee and towards the end of the interview he would ask them if they are ready to be apart of this business and if they are they will be get the job and if not he’ll interview the next person. He didn’t really seek any special skills from employees but only that they will be committed and hard working to their job.

5. According to Sky Dayton, what are the most important traits (characteristics, qualities) of an aspiring entrepreneur?
Some of the most important traits of an aspiring entrepreneur according to Sky Dayton are trust, responsible and perseverance. He states how trust is needed because you need people who can help you start up