Essay about Skyler: Thought and Person

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You ever wonder why things go bad according to your mood your in or what your thoughts you are having? Well you should be care in what you think, because ;as a result, your thoughts can end up running your life and effecting what happens to your future. Watch out on what you think! Study shows over 90% of what you think will affect what you do. Bad things can happen or bad conclusions can be made. Like rumors. When someone starts saying things about another person that you don’t know that well, then it can be turned back to you and it could hurt you. If you think a rumor is true without checking with the person it is about ;furthermore, you could wind up thinking that it is true, and it could wind up effecting on what you think of a person and how you react to that individual. If you think that starting a bad habit (like drugs) is good then your wrong, because you could get into a lot of trouble (depending on what you have done). Find out the truth about something (whether its bad or good) before you do it or believe it. If you have something set in your mind that an event that is bad or good could happen, then it could wind up happening. Or most likely influence what's going to happen. Do not get your hopes up or down. If something good happens, for example: If you are going in to receive a job interview and you go in with good thoughts or hopes then you will most likely wind up doing good on your interview and will could get the job. If you do not study for a test that you have the next day, and you think that you are going to do a bad job on the test. Then the chances are that you will do bad are greater, because you have a negative towards the test. Watch out on what you think about something that you want to do or that is going to happen. If you think that your relationship or something in your relationship is going to turn our ar happen that is good or bad then it could wind up being either good or bad. If you start dating